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Excited For The Future

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to Doohan Group and the first blog of my post-Xperi career.

Leaving Xperi four months ago after seven successful years as Chief Marketing Officer was difficult. I loved my role and the company simply crushed it during my tenure. Xperi grew from 200 to 2500+ employees and the marketing team grew from 9 to 40+ talented team members from 2014 to 2021. Xperi's revenue grew 2.5x and the company's market cap doubled while I was CMO. I would gladly have served for another seven years and more but that option wasn't available beyond March 2021 when the CRO let me know he decided to move forward without a CMO.

Avoiding fear and resentment Is an essential part of the way I live today so I didn't allow feelings of disappointment to stick around for long. I embraced acceptance and gratitude as a primary response to the change. I purposefully put myself "on pause" for a bit to consider next steps and take a well-earned break.

I'm happy to share here that after four months on pause. I'm ready to press resume. I am super excited about the opportunities ahead and I am proud of the progress I've made since mid-March. What did I do? See below.

Highlights of April-July 2021

  • Spent time with my family - pool time, farm visits, low & slow BBQ for Sunday dinners, long walks with my daughter, tye-dyeing, a Red Sox game and countless other fun activities that created priceless memories.

  • Reconnected with friends - So many calls with friends. Reconnecting and sharing stories feels like a time machine. I'm fortunate to have a large network of kind, generous and smart friends. It's awesome to see their success and to be reminded through their stories that most successful career paths don't go as planned.

  • Hired executive coaches - I'll write a follow up blog post on my experience of working with coaches so far. Bottom line: It has been significant personal and professional growth accelerator for me. Highly recommended.

  • Got smarter - I completed the Section4 Platform Strategy sprint, earned a University of Colorado DE&I Certificate, and earned two fundamental certifications offered by The Trade Desk Edge Academy. I also finished three books! Maybe I should add book reviews here. hmm....

  • Established Doohan Group LLC - I established Doohan Group as a vehicle for taking on select projects while I consider CMO gigs. I have three criteria for projects: 1) must be fun 2) must be an opportunity for me to learn something new 3) must be focused on a challenge that I'm uniquely able to solve

  • Prioritized what's important in my next gig - I am more knowledgable than ever about what I Is important to me in a CMO role and about the unique value I can offer to an executive team and company. Working with my coach, I developed a thorough, honest perspective on what's important and we used it to create a tool for objectively assessing opportunities.

I'm beginning to explore CMO opportunities. I've started to monitor job postings and I am connecting with recruiters who specialize in marketing executive searches. I am also reaching out to select companies where I believe my vision and leadership can make a big impact.. It's already SO much fun and I'm just getting started!

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