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My Executive Transition Coaching Experience

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

When I left Xperi in March 2021 and I was thinking about what to do next, I came across this post from Elizabeth Rosenberg. I know from personal experience that Elizabeth is right about administrative help and PR. Her #1 suggestion, coaching, was a newer idea for me. I decided to explore the possibilities.

Elizabeth was generous to provide me with several coach recommendations. I also asked friends in my network if they had coaches to recommend. I interviewed eight coaches before making a choice. They were all great! It really came down to gut feel on who would be my best partner at this particular moment from among the eight great candidates. I hired one coach for a deep dive and then another for ongoing work.

Read on for details of the outstanding experience I had with my first coach, Wendy Zito.

How we started

I was introduced to Wendy by the head of talent at Upfront Ventures, Megan Healy (thank you Megan!). I realized quickly in my first conversation with Wendy that helping others gain new insights about themselves is a calling for her. I chose Wendy as my first coach because I could see this work is her vocation, because the one, deep-dive session approach was a way to begin my coaching experience without a long-term commitment, and because I thought I would enjoy the experience.

What we did

Wendy’s approach is a deep dive, single session, insight-rich exchange of thoughts and experiences. She sent me an interview document ahead of time, I filled it out thoroughly and submitted prior to our coaching session. Wendy reviewed my answers and was prepared on the morning of the session. During our long conversation, Wendy asked questions and gently guided us toward topics and thoughts that were likely to uncover insights and value. After the session, Wendy provided a detailed writeup of her observations, thoughts, and questions for me to consider. She also provided several noteworthy and relevant articles for me to read. Finally, Wendy generously introduced me to a former colleague who is willing to share relevant experiences with me.

The value created

The coaching session and resulting notes were well worth my investment of time and money. The process confirmed some of what I already believed about myself and illuminated important blind spots as well. The only way I could have gained the insights that I did is by working with a coach. My experience with Wendy was fantastic!

Looking ahead

If you’re a business leader who thinks coaching could be right for you, I’ll be happy to introduce you to Wendy and other coaches I met through my process. Send me an email at and I’ll get right back to you!

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